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Bel Air is a name heard almost as often as Beverly Hills, and second only to the big 90210 in terms of luxury. Bel Air is a beautiful neighborhood about 12 miles northwest of Downtown L.A.

Comfortably far away from the hustle and bustle of the ever-lit life of those who dwell in skyscrapers, while not prohibitively far away from the centrality of the big city, Bel Air is a primarily residential area within the county of Los Angeles.

Luxury Homes and Real Estate in Bel Air

Bel Air is divided into two general areas. One, the “original” and older of the two, consists of estates of one acre and larger. After World War II, the neighborhood grew north and west into the hills, with homes occupying spaces of one acre or less. The post-WWII area has a much higher variance in the styles of homes in terms of design and architecture, as they arose after the originally planned community had been built.

The entire neighborhood is unified, however, in its elegance and luxury, as well as its commitment to that priceless private, safe, and secluded feeling. The secureness of the place is evident as you stroll through what one may consider to be the definitive lap of luxury. These aspects, along with its air of being both a part of the greater city of Los Angeles while also being separate, is what makes Bel Air a prime contender in your search for a luxury home.

Single-Family Homes for Sale in Bel Air

As a residential area above all else, Bel Air has a wide selection of truly amazing single-family homes to offer in an unbelievable variety of sizes, arrangements, and styles. Sizes can range from smaller, 2-bedroom homes to absolutely gorgeous mansions for sale. The styles straddle a massive variety of influences, from the modern, sleek 21st-century home, to facades of elegant stonework inspired by the ancients of architecture, to anything in between. Truly, these single-family homes are the epitome of luxury living at any scale.

This immense variation in both style and size may seem daunting, but our team is ready and eager to help you narrow down your options to fit you and your family’s best interests.

Fine Dining, Nightlife, and Shopping in Bel Air

Bel Air is primarily a residential area, and as such, does not contain many large commercial areas. However, there are definite attractions to enjoy, such as the verdant and inspired Hannah Carter Japanese Garden, with many of its structures built in Japan and then assembled in Bel Air.

There is also the Bel Air country club: This is a comfortable and well-equipped meeting space, complete with an 18-hole golf course and tennis courts. The club is a great opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of the Bel Air area while also allowing you and your family to socialize.

Not to mention, several celebrities make their homes here in Bel Air—and you could, too. Give the Ashley Real Estate Group a call today if you have any questions at all. We’d be delighted to work with you.

Bel Air Luxury Real Estate, Bel Air Luxury Homes for Sale and Bel Air Mansions for Sale

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