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The first thing that comes to mind when the name “Beverly Hills” is even mentioned, even when the zip code, 90210 is brought up, is luxury. Home to a plethora of actors and celebrities, Beverly Hills may just be the luxury capital of the world. And with all the property for sale, you could buy a house there, and call it your home!

Luxury Homes and Real Estate in Beverly Hills

Just as you might expect from an address that wears its wealth and status on its silken sleeve, the real estate listings in Beverly Hills are uniformly lavish and ostentatious while also varying wildly in design and architecture. Choices, choices, and more choices abound in this wondrous neighborhood, and that is all the better for you.

Will you look in Trousdale Estates, a secure and historic area, once inhabited by the likes of Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra? Or, perhaps in the bordering neighborhood of Holmby Hills, in which Walt Disney and Bing Crosby resided? The choice is up to you, and the opportunities are nearly limitless. It’s not a matter of if you’ll find your dream home here, but a matter of when.

Single-Family Homes in Beverly Hills

In Beverly Hills, the mainstay of real estate is the single-family home. While you might be thinking of the simplest definition of what might be called a house in a regular neighborhood, the definition is quite different in Beverly Hills. A large portion of the homes here are what many regularly refer to as “mansions,” being truly massive single-family homes—with flair and ostentation to more than match their size.

These mansions come in an extreme variety of designs, many of them having been custom-built to suit the needs of one celebrity or another, some being extremely modern and sleek, and others influenced by the paint and stonework past of architecture and wealth. The flamboyance of high fashion and art are omnipresent in Beverly Hills. However, there are also much more traditional homes available, if you are of a more muted taste. Our agents would be delighted to aid you in scheduling visits to see a few of the gorgeous homes that 90210 has to offer.

Fine Dining, Nightlife, and Shopping in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills offers so much more than beautiful luxury houses; it’s almost difficult to describe what wonderful community there is, for sheer volume. The shopping district of Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, is famous the world over for the stupendous amount of luxury goods and services being offered along its two-mile span. The highest of high fashion, the grandest of boutiques—these are only the beginning of a shopping experience of a lifetime—and you could live within walking distance.

Perhaps you’d like the feast and the high life to last for the rest of time, and if so, please don’t hesitate to call us today. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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