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Internet Marketing

The internet is usually the first place potential buyers turn when looking for a new home, particularly a luxury home. In fact, 89 percent of all buyers begin their real estate search online. We at Ashley Real Estate Group have an internet marketing strategy in place to ensure that your property is as visible as possible for those searching for luxury real estate.


Using the internet for marketing is all about connection, and our team of real estate agents is connected. Your property will be listed on the following sites:

Your property will also be featured on our Facebook and Instagram pages.


Part of our marketing plan is to create real estate websites, including one that features your property alone. This link becomes shareable to all platforms of social media. We also create a YouTube video of your property linked to your website, as well as share the site on all MLS search engines. This allows us to share your listing with over 300 different social networking sites with easy mobile viewing on smartphones and tablets.

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When you are ready to take full advantage of our marketing plan for your property for sale, be sure to contact us at Ashley Real Estate Group. We make luxury home buying and selling as simple as possible for our clients, and we look forward to working with you. Call us today to learn more.