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Seller’s Guide

Housing markets are often seasonal, and as the area markets shift and churn, the value of your house can change drastically over time. This, alongside things such as your home’s level of exposure to your target buying demographic and how your home is staged for maximum curb appeal (professional pictures of your home’s interior and exterior can aid massively in helping people get a great first impression of your home, as well), can lead to significant stress and difficulty in selling quickly. Stress that can be alleviated by having help from professional realtors!

Our agents here at Ashley Realty Group can help you in deciding important facets of the process of selling your home, from advising you on when would be a good time to sell, to advertising your home to the people who are more likely to buy it.

Getting Started

One good idea is to look around in your area at what other homes similar to yours are going for, and try to get a feeling for how much your home is worth. This is key to competitive pricing, as tweaking the price to seem like a better deal very often leads to a much quicker sale than asking too much for your house, which may delay selling your house for months, or even stop it altogether. Once you’ve done this, try to have a bottom line in mind- the absolute lowest price that you’d sell your home for.

You want to try to price your home competitively so that it can sell quickly, but without compromising how much payout you deserve for your cherished home, and you want to prepare your home for visits by others and keep it all clean, in order make the best impression humanly possible when potential buyers enter your abode. It sounds like a stressful process, with a lot of calculated thought involved in moving through that process, and that’s because it can be.

We here at Ashley Realty Group would love to reduce this stress and work with you in selling your home for the most beneficial amount possible, as painlessly as possible!

Los Angeles Real Estate Professionals

With our help with estimating value, choosing a price, careful arranging, and precise but maximized advertising of your home to your targeted demographic, the typically drawn-out and highly stressful process of putting your home on the market and selling it can become relatively easy and maybe even relatively relaxed.

We’ll take care of the steps listed above, offer expert advice on selling strategies, and provide as many options as we can that will ensure you have the best chance possible to sell your home. Connect with us today to get started!